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New Prizes This Month!

  • £100 for the winner in December
  • £50 for every players that gets more than 30,000 points

Nov/Dec 2021 winners: Wellington; amandine; julie3164

The Game

TileAttack is a two player game whose aim is to identify the parts of a text that refer to objects - e.g., people, places, locations. (These parts of a sentence are generally known as noun phrases; we call these parts of text mentions). In the game you are randomly matched with a second player and score points for agreeing on a mention, but even more points for finding that mention first. There are many different types of mentions, both simple ones (e.g., He, Bob, the CEO, London) and more complex (the classical music fan, the capital of the UK). Your aim in the game is to identify as many of them as you can. Keep in mind that markables can be nested: e.g., the capital of the UK is a markable, but the UK is a markable as well!


The short video to the left will show you the basic controls and operation of the game.

Please note: the game is in development, so there may be subtle changes between the video and the current state of the game

This will walk you through:

  • scrolling left and right (you can also scroll up and down if many annotations are made)
  • making a selection by clicking on the start and ending tokens then clicking annotate
  • deleting a selection by double clicking
  • clearly incorrect mentions, reserved mentions
  • how an agreement between two players is shown
  • and how to finish a round of the game

Pause and rewind the video if you miss anything.


The Rules

  • You will not be able to see your opponents moves, unless they have matched yours
  • Moving alone doesn't get you any points, you have to make a move that agrees with the other player
  • The longer the item you mark, the more points you will receive
  • Once you have finished you will be able to see your opponents moves

One last thing!

We're trying to work out how to improve the game, and your thoughts would be very welcome. If you have a moment after playing, we've prepared a short Google Form.

If you'd like to help you can click the survey button now, it will open in a new tab/window that you return to after the game.